The one tool to protect any game from alternate accounts

  • 100% free and open-source
  • Complex account checks, not only account age
  • A whole set of APIs included to customize your scripts

Atherum is the only tool you'll need against 'alts'

90% of ROBLOX trollers, spammers, bots, and exploiters are alternate accounts

Alternate accounts are accounts that ToS-breakers such as trollers, spammers, bots, and exploiters use to raid games without any risk and keeping their main account safe. Atherum aims to detect these "alt" accounts.

  • 100% server-sided. Exploiters cannot bypass it by running scripts.
  • Customizable. You can customize what detections to use and what to do when someone gets detected.
  • Open-source. You can see and edit the full source code of Atherum.

Get Atherum for free and optimize it for your needs.



Atherum can run in every type of games and does not require any additional mandatory library.


API system

Atherum comes with a full set of APIs that you can use to choose what to do with alternate accounts that we detected.



Choose to log everything. From accounts that were detected, to errors that occured, with Discord webhooks.


Atherum is not just an age-checker. It's an A-to-Z account scanner.

Multiple detections

We scan the player for groups, items, username, and much more.

Report logger

Save a full report of the players in a specific server using DataStores.

Fast detection

We're giving our best to run all detections as fast as possible.

Blacklist layer

Blacklist groups, or players whose usernames contain blacklisted words.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The model is available for free on ROBLOX's developer marketplace:

  • Atherum is free-to-use for everyone.

  • Atherum is open-sourced. You can check the source code yourself and notice that it is 100% safe. No backdoors, no logging.

  • Join our Discord server to get immediate support:

  • Atherum's API documentation is available here.

  • As we know, Atherum is compatible with any type of game.